Professional Pet Care Services
At Dakota's Clubhouse, we believe we offer the best quality of pet care services. Our passion for dogs shows in the remarkable care we provide. Becoming part of Dakota's Clubhouse, your pet will be receiving individual attention in a safe and positive environment. Each of our services is back with a money back guarantee. So let your pet have an amazing experience, the Dakota experience.
Dog Walking…......................20-30 Minutes $22.00
The dog walking service provides for a one-on-one doggy experience. It is perfect for dogs that need a break from the inside and explore their surroundings.
This service is private and not shared with any other dogs. As a result, this service is individualized to meet your dog’s needs. Depending on your dog’s wants and needs, we can provide a wide range of activities such as running, walking, playing ball, and it is mandatory that we spoil them with attention.
Adventure Camp (Dog Park Visits)……1.5 Hours $22.00
This is our premier service that will surely delight and stimulate your pet. We pick-up your pet for a day of adventure. The Adventure Camp Service provides your dog with a visit to the local dog park and lets your dog run and play. In addition, this service lets your dog interact with other dogs (from the club and from the public) to socialize and play. Furthermore, we do individualize this service depending on your dog’s wants and needs to ensure that they receive plenty of fun time. For example, fetching, one-on-one playing, playing with other dogs, and other games. The minimum time is 1.5 hours and can be extended on request. This service is perfect for:
  • Releasing energy
  • Socialization
  • Exercise
  • Stimulation of all senses
Cage Free Boarding…….Starting at $45.00/Night
At Dakota's Clubhouse, we provide a great experience in a cage free environment.. Your doggie is sure to have a great time relaxing and playing. It is the ultimate in dog vacations. We offer a full line of amenities to include hiking, daily walks, swimming and plenty of room to relax.
Tail Wagging Daycare.................................$22 - $27

At our residence, this service is perfect for the doggy who wants to play with other non-aggressive doggies in a home environment. All of the dogs have access to a playful back yard as well as inside. They have the option to run around and play or relax on one of our comfy couches. We pick up your dog at your home or work and with two time options. 2 Hours/$22.00 or all day till 6PM / $27


Evening Tail Wagging Daycare..........................$35

At our residence, this service is perfect for parents who would like to have their doggy watched while they are out for the evening and don’t need boarding. We have convenient evening drop off and pick up times until 12:00 AM / $35



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